Wandia’s World

I am a lover and a  fighter. I love to travel. I am determined, some say stubborn.  I have few pet peeves.

I like people. Almost all people.

I am a romantic with a cynic streak.

I get most people. Most people get me... for a while.  I am perpetually going through personal transformation.

I love ice-cream for breakfast but I’ve given that up to lose a few pounds. I have over-active tear ducts. No… um… I’m not really sobbing when I sniffle at every movie. I will help you if you ask.  I love the smell of rain, and the changing seasons. I want to love. I want to be loved.  Its the simple things that get me; a genuine smile, a hot shower, a loved one’s warm embrace.

I am a dreamer, an eternal optimist with a realist strain. I am passionate about the plight of Africa. I am impatient but I'm working on that... somewhat. I am a poor planner but a master strategist. I am a scientist until crazy creativity bursts forth and breaks me away from my logical musings. I am a vegetarian when I’m not being carnivorous. I am a talker but prefer to listen... really. I can be graceful but I’m often a klutz. I try to live in the moment and have few regrets. I have a fear of failure. I am getting over it. 

I always press zero when I get phone recordings just so I can skip straight to the live person on the other end. I hate cheaters, except when they are really gorgeous or charming or both. Also if they are smart or funny or fun. Then I forget I hate them for a little while. I find it hard to hate.

I love reading. I love all kinds of intellectual stimulation and seek the thrill relentlessly even if it means getting into philosophical, political and religious arguments I really can’t win. I love to win. 

I believe in God, even if we have our occasional falling outs. I've had my parade rained on, more often than I'd like. I’m always certain there'll be more parades. So far my optimism has not been misplaced.

I love to live, live to love and live a life worth living!


Personal Motto:
Smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors!

Favorite Spot:
Pirate’s Cove, Avila Beach

See MY professional Portfolio
 A proud past, productive present and promising future.

Kickin’ ass and kissin’ butt... but mostly kissin’ butt

HABITs & Hobbies:
Highly involved in Heroes Against Diabetes in Africa, Alliance for Pharmaceutical Access and Maji Mazuri. Always interested in connecting with Global Catalysts.

Activities & interests:
web surfing ceaselessly, loving heartily, socializing wholesomely, working tirelessly, living fully, spending thriftily, trusting courageously, exercising frequently &  eating excessively. 

Career Aspirations
Failure is not an option! 
It comes bundled with the software.

Wan in a million!
You can’t spell awesome without me:-)


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