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Point Of View On Privacy

People devote only 5% of their time online on search engines. The rest is spent on social networks and browsing other sites. If marketing could follow us without actually eavesdropping they would be able to compile comprehensive dossiers based on the type of sites we visit, the things we read,…..

Urgh! To Ahh!

I view acknowledging and defeating confusion and chaos as important aspects of growth and success. Sometimes, I feel like I am facing an immovable wall of pain, negativity and confusion. Even after trying mediation, positive affirmations and prayer, there’s this sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach that reminds…..

Wanted: Big Thinkers And World Wide Winners

Interactive web and mobile browsers, communities, social networks, wikis, blogs, and microblogs are all part of our lives now … all that’s missing is participation… by more people and companies – and that’s coming. Rapidly! Within a few years companies that don’t engage in this sort of activity will look…..

Tedx 2010 Transcript

People 3.0: Leadership Beyond Barriers TedxChumash was a phenomenal event organized by Jacky Lopez, Founder of the Central Coast Women’s Network. Speakers included Dr. Mark Juretic, Mathew Linden and Blake Irving -Yahoo EVP of Product Development Watch event on Ted.com They say internet marketers work 20 hours a day so…..

Theodore Roosevelt’s speech: Citizenship in a Republic

Strange and impressive associations rise in the mind of a man from the New World who speaks before this august body in this ancient institution of learning. Before his eyes pass the shadows of mighty kings and warlike nobles, of great masters of law and theology; through the shining dust…..

The Man in the Arena

One hundred years ago today, President Theodore Roosevelt gave his Citizenship in a Republic speech. The Man in the Arena is a famous paragraph from that speech: It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of…..

Appreciating You

Valentine’s day is close. Sent this to my friends. Thought it would bring a little bright moment to their day. Hope it makes you smile.    

Authentically Me

I loved pharma. Had great pay, a great boss, a flexible schedule and the opportunity to be around really fun people. But the one thing that killed me was my lack of authenticity. My success depended on the ability to win over people, and it became more and more important…..

Children Learn What They Live

If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn. If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight. If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy. If a child learns to feel shame, he learns to feel guilty. If a child lives with tolerance, he…..

Essence Of A New Day

This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given  this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day…..