Wandia's World


Perhaps my mind is made of sky, of budding lilacs, swaying tree and answers to my how and why are given by the bumbling bees.


Perhaps my soul is made of free, of anxious trees and youthful gate, and obstacles that I may see are conquered at a steady rate.


Perhaps my heart is made of God, of earth, sun, heavens, moon and rain. And when I'm lost, when I forget, He gives me back my sight again. --Lohnes

Health, High Performance And Productivity

Here are some tips to stay healthy and productive while working or learning at home. Stay active: Make sure you take time to be active throughout the day, whether it’s a morning walk with your dog, or a trip to the gym. Give your eyes a break: About ten minutes…..

Happiness Boosts Productivity

A happy work environment is a productive one, so follow these tips to make sure you’re happy with your work at home. Do what you love: Do what you love, and you won’t mind working. Go out for lunch every once in a while: Even if you mostly eat at…..

Managing Workflow

Follow these workflow tips to keep everything running smoothly. 1.Outsource: Get help wherever possible – like get a bookkeeper or delivery service. 2.Stop multitasking: Multitasking is inefficient — focus on one thing at a time. 3.Do your hardest work first: Tackle the work that you’d most like to put off…..

Cut The Clutter: 8 Ways To Stay Organized

Follow these tips to help your organization breed productivity. 1.Keep lists: Keep lists that detail daily tasks, hopeful tasks, and anytime tasks. 2.Write things down: Write everything down right as you think of it. 3.Keep a calendar: Stay on top of what you’re going to do & when you’re going…..

Time Management Tips

Use these tips to make sure time doesn’t get away from you. Set time boundaries for online use: Limit your online use by setting specific times when you’ll be available to chat and check websites. Keep regular hours: Carefully schedule which hours you’ll work, and which hours are personal time……

How To Get Things Done

To Do… 12 Powerful Tips   to Help You Boost Your Productivity Source Best University April 23, 2009 Sometimes the problem is large or complex, or an optimal solution is unclear. Or maybe you just can’t visualize the entire path from your starting point and that’s impeding you. Beat procrastination and stop…..

A New Line Of Vision

I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW, THE HAZE IS GONE! Wooohooo! I can see clearly now. The haze is gone! For 10 years I’ve been unable to focus, literally. Well, at least not on anything that wasn’t right in front of me. Woke up every morning and the alarm clock on…..

Living Like I Should

The best things in life are worth waiting for. So wait for me, I’ll be right back.


Everything can be solved. Let me answer. Let me share. Let me help. I refuse to live life as I should by a rule book created to control. Let me live for love and beauty, for excellence.  Let God show up in me, as me,  through me… Let my light…..

Colorful Courageous…

A tribute to the trailblazers, visionaries and pioneers. Colorful courageous characters who are changing the global landscape In the community. In the boardroom. Beyond. Colorful Courageous Characters: SAMPAT paL DEVI: Founder and leader of the pink sari gang, a group of political activists in Northern India’s Banda District. The group…..