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Colorful Courageous…

A tribute to the trailblazers, visionaries and pioneers. Colorful courageous characters who are changing the global landscape In the community. In the boardroom. Beyond. Colorful Courageous Characters: SAMPAT paL DEVI: Founder and leader of the pink sari gang, a group of political activists in Northern India’s Banda District. The group…..

Hush: Saying Less Is More

When saying less is more: Here are five situations from Tamara J. Erickson, a McKinsey Award-winning author, when saying less would have been more. What would you add? 1.Describing one more product feature, after the customer’s facial expression indicates that she has already decided to buy. By describing an additional feature,…..

Logical Musings In Protest Of War

I can’t pretend I know much about the War in Iraq, even though I’ve read Richard Clarke’s Against All Enemies, and Bob Woodward’s Plan of Attack… Well I had to read the latter for a class in college that I really can’t remember. I even read Michael Gordon’s CobraII –…..

The African Story

A friend sent me a story today that certainly struck a cord. It questioned whether non-profit organizations serve or harm Africa. It’s been the internal battle of my life, given that my mother is a social worker and I spent several years of my youth at global multicultural conferences, telling…..