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Transform And Adapt To The Future

To survive, thrive and achieve our bold professional ambitions in today’s competitive world, we need to continously transform and adapt to the future. Creative disruption is shaking every industry. Global competition is fierce. The employer-employee pact is over and traditional job security is a thing of the past. Everyone is…..

What To Do With Today

Today is a brand new day. A fresh start. An opportunity to replace any negativity with positivity, think happy thoughts, exercise, go for a run or do some sit ups, drink lots of water, fill the body with fuel, sip a latte, take a picture, enjoy the morning. Today is…..

Digital Marketing Strategy Canvas

Marketers are shifting their budgets away from “interruption”advertising. They realize most people now begin their purchasing experience by doing online research to compare prices, quality, and read reviews. Even if they end up making their purchase in a store, they start their fact-finding and decision-making  on the web. Digital marketing…..

Inventing Life’s Meaning

“A person happy doing his own work is usually considered an eccentric.” Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes, in a commencement speech at Kenyon College on pursuing what matters: “Creating a life that reflects your values and satisfies your soul is a rare achievement. In a culture that relentlessly promotes avarice and excess as…..

How To Optimize Your Mobile Site For Speed

Whether we’re shopping for eye-liner, concert tickets or a vacation in Paris, the Internet has changed how we decide what to buy.  Brands have to provide useful, relevant information fast if they hope to be useful to consumers. A sluggish mobile site is a huge road block in achieving your…..

4 New Mobile Moments Which Are Revolutionalizing Marketing

In 2011, Google released an e-book titled winning the zero moment of truth (ZMOT). In this research, Google discussed the Zero moment, which basically refers to the point when a consumer decides to research a certain product. Usually, this happens long before the seller knows about the consumer’s existence.   With the…..

Begin Today

Yesterday ended at midnight. Today is a brand new day. And it’s yours and mine. So I’ve decided to be delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start. I’ve decided to believe that perhaps there’s a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning……

Words Of Hope And Perseverance

The poem Continue was written by Maya Angelou Words of hope and perseverance… a message of empowerment and hope, of courage and generosity, a call to action and an answer to the question all of us ask ourselves about our ability to make a difference in our own lives and…..

Marketing Technical B2b Products In A Digital World

How Brilliant Marketers Leverage Content, Customer Insights and Big Data To Win Given the long sales cycle, digital marketing in the B2B technology sector has remained relatively static, focused only on incremental changes. However, business leaders are realizing that in today’s climate, incremental innovation is like walking on quicksand –…..

What We Appreciate, Appreciates.

Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts. – Alan Cohen, Handle with Prayer I think of appreciation as inspired action, a compelling desire to respond to our blessings and gifts, ignited by gratitude. When…..