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No More Thoughts & Prayers

We are grieving. Pain has its icy tentacles around our hearts as we witness yet again, another senseless massacre. Texas. Children gunned down at school. The second mass shooting in 11 days. Buffalo. Black people sought and slaughtered. 11 days before we commemorate George Floyd’s murder. I’m stunned, angry, and…..

It’s Time to Create Your Future

We choose the direction of our life at all times. We decide who is welcome in our space, who gets access to our energy, and what is worth our precious resources. Set boundaries and set the tone for a life grounded in self-worth.⁠ Click To Tweet It’s time to forgive…..

How to Find Mindfulness in this Moment

Happy Thursday 🌟 Today is a new day. ​ ​Be receptive and present this moment. Remember where you are, right here, right now. Disentangle from the habits of thinking, wondering, or worrying. Return to the gift of the present. We often get caught up in yesterday or tomorrow, trying to…..

Spring Forward

Spring brings new beginnings and fresh starts.⁠ With this fresh burst of energy, motivation, and raw willpower, comes the risk of burnout. If you don’t pace yourself, you can quickly go from blazing to fizzling. ⁠ Remember, small steps move you forward too. ⁠ What’s Calling You Forth? So this…..

Africa is the Workforce of the Future

For anyone interested in business, understanding what is going on in Africa is essential. The opportunities on the continent are immense. Africa is the world’s second-largest population. It has one of the largest workforces from the ages of 18 to 30 slated for 2030. While many other continents are reporting…..

Finding Happiness

How do you go about finding happiness? You strive to do well in school. To get the right job. To build the right life. Tomorrow you’ll be happy after you get the promotion. Next week you’ll be happy after you get the Instagram-worthy boyfriend. Next year you will be happy…..

How to Create Your “New Normal”

For almost 2 years, businesses of all sizes have made triumphant strides toward the ever-evolving “new normal.” From embracing the digital shift to working with dispersed employees across the globe, companies have rolled with the metaphorical punches as the worldwide pandemic (and the domino effects in its wake) plagued the…..


Martin Luther King Jr. legacy inspires us to be more, to find hope even in the face of our finite disappointments… To hold fast even when we cannot see. MLK inspires us to believe in a better world and our power to create one. To build a better world ……..

How to Create an Overall Brand Strategy

As a CMO, your top priority is to ensure that your business’s brand resonates with its target market. To do this, you need to have an overarching brand strategy that not only looks at the big picture but also examines the smaller details of what makes up a successful brand……

3 Key Elements Every Marketing Leader Needs in 2022

80% of marketing leaders say the volume of campaigns, requests, and content increased over the last year. That’s a lot of new work. We surveyed 259 marketing leaders to understand how they’re overcoming challenges. Here’s a quick look at the insights we found: Marketing leaders are data-rich (but information poor): Nearly half…..