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10 Time Management Tips

Use these tips to make sure time doesn’t get away from you. 1. Have a Plan (and stick to it)  Make a personal daily schedule. Don’t check your phone as soon as you wake up or let other people’s emergencies run your day. Avoid unscheduled phone calls. Check emails at…..

How To Get Things Done

12 Powerful Tips to Help You Boost Your Productivity   If you work from home, you know that the dream of flexibility can quickly turn into a nightmare of distraction and an unhealthy work-life balance. Beat procrastination and stop succumbing to sometimes subtle obstacles that hinder your progress. When you’ve really…..

A New Line Of Vision

I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW, THE HAZE IS GONE! Wooohooo! I can see clearly now. The haze is gone! For 10 years I’ve been unable to focus, literally. Well, at least not on anything that wasn’t right in front of me. Woke up every morning and the alarm clock on…..

Living Like I Should

The best things in life are worth waiting for. So wait for me, I’ll be right back.


So I’ve learnt a few things in my life – I’ve learnt that kisses aren’t contracts and presents are promises. And after a while even the sunshine burns if you get too much. But life is too short to live with regrets. Love the people who treat you right leave…..

Colorful Courageous Characters…

A tribute to the trailblazers, visionaries and pioneers. Colorful courageous characters who are changing the global landscape In the community. In the boardroom. Beyond. QUEEN RANIA OF JORDAN Renown for her philanthropic work, this striking Arab queen has pushed for education reform and is an outspoken advocate of women’s rights……

How to Find Your Dream Job in Less than 15 Days

No matter what career or business barriers you face, your greatest asset is always you. This process will help you define your brand, discover your hidden passion and find the right job for you!   Step 1: Find your dream job 1. Find 4-5 descriptions that would fit your ideal…..

Hush: Saying Less Is More

When saying less is more: Here are five situations from Tamara J. Erickson, a McKinsey Award-winning author, when saying less would have been more. What would you add? Describing one more product feature, after the customer’s facial expression indicates that she has already decided to buy. By describing an additional feature,…..

Logical Musings In Protest Of War

I can’t pretend I know much about the War in Iraq, even though I’ve read Richard Clarke’s Against All Enemies, and Bob Woodward’s Plan of Attack… Well, I had to read the latter for a class in college that I really can’t remember. I even read Michael Gordon’s Cobra II…..