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I am a lover and a fighter. I am determined, some say stubborn. I have few pet peeves.


I like people. Almost all people. I am a romantic with a cynic streak.
I get most people. Most people get me… for a while. I am perpetually going through personal transformation.
I love ice-cream for breakfast but I’ve given that up to lose a few pounds. I have over-active tear ducts. No… um… I’m not really sobbing when I sniffle at every movie. It’s the simple things that get me; a genuine smile, a hot shower, a loved one’s warm embrace.


I am a dreamer, an eternal optimist with a realist strain. I am pro-humanity, and pro-compassion. I will help you if you ask. I am impatient but I’m working on that… somewhat. I am a poor planner but a master strategist. I am a scientist until crazy creativity bursts forth and breaks me away from my logical musings. I am a vegetarian when I’m not being carnivorous. I am a talker but prefer to listen… really. I can be graceful but I’m often a klutz. I try to live in the moment and have few regrets. I have a fear of failure. I am getting over it.


I always press zero when I get phone recordings just so I can skip straight to the live person on the other end. I hate cheaters, except when they are really gorgeous or charming or both. Also if they are smart or funny or fun. Then I forget I hate them for a little while. I find it hard to hate.


I love reading. I love all kinds of intellectual stimulation and seek the thrill relentlessly even if it means getting into philosophical, political and religious arguments I really can’t win. I love to win.


I believe in God, even if we have our occasional falling outs. I’ve had my parade rained on, more often than I’d like. I’m always certain there’ll be more parades. So far my optimism has not been misplaced.


I love to live, live to love and live a life worth living!

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          Awards & Achievements

          Over the last 15-plus years, Wandia has designed a career that combines an ardent interest in global markets with enthusiasm for adventure, fascination with science and passion for people.

          A results-driven, growth-focused, data-centric senior marketing leader with both corporate and startup experience, she is passionate about connecting with creators, makers and visionaries. She has worked at Fortune 500 corporations like Johnson & Johnson and serves on the boards of two non-profit organizations.

          Wandia has developed and managed high-value client relationships and partnerships with professionals from world-class enterprises, system integrators and technology leaders like Google, Samsung, Apple, Cadence, IBM, Sony, AT&T, Intel, NVIDIA, Toyota, and Target.

          She is passionate about developing dynamic digital marketing solutions, strategy and systems to drive engagement with new media. She can transition from high-level strategic thinking to hands-on creative, detailed execution that spans from developers, SMBs and agencies to digital channels, decision science, media, creative, performance, collateral development, events, sponsorships, and more. She has extensive global experience, having worked with teams in London, Switzerland, South Korea, Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya, India, Ireland, etc.  

          She spent her formative years working at Majimazuri.org, a multifaceted, micro-enterprise, social empowerment program in sub-saharan Africa and was a teen delegate at many global, multicultural conferences.

          Active and high energy, she creates a spirited, engaging work environment and builds trust-based relationships with her teams forged by respect and mutual commitment in achieving goals.

          UCLA Anderson School of Management

          Sought structure to nurture my entrepreneurial spirit
          Executive MBA

          Ohio Wesleyan University

          Learned, loved, and made lifelong [fb] friends
          Picked up a Chemistry major and Philosophy minor


          Polished skills in computer applications and Javascript
          Cumulative GPA: 4.0


          Some Special Skills Acquired:

          • Marketing strategy
          • Strategic & tactical planning
          • Speaking as thought leader on
            industry topics & handling press
          • Mobile & emerging technologies
          • User engagement & retention
          • Building systematic frameworks
          • Operational efficiency through
            automation of tools & processes
          • Building & leading
            geographically distributed teams
          • Relationship management
          • People management, stakeholder alignment, collaboration & executing
            across various functional teams
          • Problem solving & critical thinking
          • Managing complex projects & competing priorities

          Awards & Achievements
          Always On Top 100 Portfolio product

          featured by premier authority in digital technology in recognition of value, innovation, commercialization, market opportunity, media buzz, and return to stakeholders

          Dennis Webb Scholar, Community for

          Reconciliation in Birmingham, UK

          West Area Rookie of the Year

          Nominee, Eli Lilly & Company, 2007



          Strategic Partnerships


          Social Media Marketing & CRM

          Golden Bishop Meek Award Recipient

          Most Outstanding Student Leader, 2005

          Olive E. Day Award for Significant

          Contribution to Minority Student Life, Vision, Initiative and Leadership

          Estephen McNell Award

          for Outstanding Academic

          Dean’s List, Phi Eta Sigma,

          Phi Sigma Tau Honor Societies


          Digital Marketing

          Strategic Planning

          Program Management



          Need more details? Come back soon! I’ll be sharing more shortly.



          Need more details? Come back soon! I’ll be sharing more shortly.


          • Ohio Wesleyan University
          • Class of 2005

          Need more details? Come back soon! I’ll be sharing more shortly.



          Need more details? Come back soon! I’ll be sharing more shortly.



          Need more details? Come back soon! I’ll be sharing more shortly.



          Need more details? Come back soon! I’ll be sharing more shortly.



          Need more details? Come back soon! I’ll be sharing more shortly.


          intransigent Vision

          Need more details? Come back soon! I’ll be sharing more shortly.

          Wandia Chiuri - Digital | Strategy | Global | Partnerships | Innovation | Developer | Marketing

          This professional is passionate about digital marketing and empowering the thought-leaders for the next generation with methodology, resources, and support. She is currently focused on the advancement of organizations, entrepreneurs, and professionals by providing access to top tips and tools in this exciting era of rapidly evolving cutting-edge digital technology.

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