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Crisis Sparks Action! Let’s Find Our Creativity in Coronavirus

When it is dark, you can see stars. Epidemics inspire innovation Epidemics of the past have changed the way we lived and inspired innovations in infrastructure. For example, Tuberculosis was the leading cause of death toward the end of the 19th century. I in 7 people around the world had…..

Digital Marketing: Small Business Survival Kit

How can small businesses survive in the era of COVID-19? Pre-purchase gift certificates are a great start, but that’s not enough! Here are 9 more ways to help your business thrive even in uncertain times: When nothing is sure, everything is possible – Margaret Drabble Click To Tweet 1. Make…..

The Silver Lining

When this unprecedented plague is over, we may never again take for granted, each deep breath, a handshake with a stranger, close conversations face-to-face, a crowded theater, Friday night out, a roaring stadium, the taste of communion or a shared cold beer, a routine checkup, rush hour traffic, coffee with…..

How To Do Digital Events

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, business as usual is anything but. Companies around the world are having to adapt on the fly in this changing market. As more and more events are being canceled or postponed, partners and customers around the world are increasingly asking, “How can we do digital events?”…..

Need Help During This Pandemic? Here Are Some Resources

Author’s note: 4/3.2020 – Just did an FAQ On The Stimulus Bill For Startups And Small Business Owners. If you are hurting, here are some community resources that could support you during this time: Asian Pacific Environmental Network Emergency Community Stabilization Fund Bay Area Worker Support (BAWS) – Sex Worker…..

We’re in this together!

For many people, life was so hard before this pandemic. My heart breaks imagining the stress, dismay, and anxiety that some are feeling right now. I’ve received notes from single moms losing jobs, folks battling illness (physical, mental, emotional) while navigating all this, physicians in the frontlines fearful even as…..

How to Create Cultural Context in Global Campaigns

Global leaders often want to have their products and services in as many parts of the world as possible. Despite applying an approach that has been validated in the market of origin, many fail within a few months of market entry. In fact, I was surprised to learn that a…..

Streaming Games: Race to Reach the Masses

A few years ago I asked Reed Hastings, Netflix’s CEO, if the company would adopt game streaming. His answer was very clear: Netflix was in the movie business, not the gaming business. While Netflix has decisively stuck to a core focus, we’ve seen a huge surge in investment from big…..

5 Myths About Digital Technology in Africa

Africa has a lot to offer – just another reason to take off our blinders. Here are some myths that keep us from truly connecting. #1. Africa is for Low-Skilled Labor The Fourth Industrial Revolution is initiating immense change, driven by digital forces which are expected to shape the next…..

Are You Accidentally Killing Your Team’s Creativity?

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about where creativity comes from and how to nurture and grow it in a team. As a result, even well-meaning leaders can end up killing the creativity of a team when they need it most. If your entire creative method is to get your…..